The Hotusa Group
The Hotusa Group is currently a dynamic, expanding organisation with over 40 years' experience and formed of a pool of companies from diverse spheres of the tourism sector. The embryo and hub of the Hotusa Hotels group is a hotel consortium created in Barcelona in 1977 which today positions itself as the world's number one independent hotel consortium.
Welcome from the President
With over 40 years of experience, today Hotusa Group can present itself to its team of customers, providers, partners and before the world of tourism in general as a solid organisation which achieves growth while moving with the times. It can demonstrate tradition and consistent effort, service, creative spirit and innovation for which we are very proud.

Hotusa Group is a reality. The realities and works are born from the projects. Projects are born from ideas. And ideas are born from ideals. That is why the Hotusa Group cannot deviate from its ideals because it was born from them and because they are what give us our daily strength.

Since our inception, Hotusa Group has ended each and every financial year with positive results. Without fail. But, although this is important, I believe that the true value is that those profits have not been distributed among the shareholders, but reinvested year after year to reach new business goals, to generate economic growth, create new jobs, and ultimately improve the conditions and quality of life of the places where we work.

Therein lies one of the values of this tourist group that was born from the excitement of a small group of people who today continue to excite the 3000+ workforce of our companies and our hotels.

I believe that Hotusa Group embodies the perfect combination of strength and flexibility. It may seem contradictory, but both are our defining values. Hotusa has the strength built up over the years of experience and tradition; and at the same time it enjoys the flexibility that is indispensable to constantly innovate and quickly anticipate the changes in trends and the market. Always rethinking, always advancing; because the business world knows that it is like riding a bicycle: if you stop for a moment, you'll fall off.
Amancio López Seijas
President of Hotusa Group
  • React to market demands and new challenges with agility and speed. Position ourselves as an ideal company for young professionals aiming to have a lengthy career in the tourism sector.
  • Solidify our position as a leading company in the tourism sector by establishing a dynamic of upward progression. Promote growth based on talent, innovation and work.
  • Be part of the different processes and value areas in which hotel management, distribution and hotel services are included.
  • Growth and reinvestment
    Hotusa Group is an ever-evolving company. Year after year, the business group stands out for its growth, making reinvestment part of its hallmark.
  • Dynamism
    Hotusa is a dynamic, young business group, which aims to react with agility and speed to market demands and strives to anticipate these changes.
  • Innovation and technology
    Technological innovation is one of the company’s main values, and the group is always keen to explore new terrain and new possibilities.
Our record of achievements
  • Prince Felipe
    Award for Excellence in Tourism
  • Carlos Ferrer Salat
  • Best Business Initiative 2012
  • Medal for Merit in Tourism
    D. Amancio López Seijas
  • Business Trajectory
    D. Amancio López Seijas
  • ‘Vasco Da Gama’
    D. Amancio López Seijas
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